Tomas Kondelka

Atlassian Certified Administrator | Sr. System Engineer | Speaker | Photographer | Sport Enthusiast

Who I am

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Tomas Kondelka
Not your regular IT guy
Reliable, self-motivated, independent IT professional with a proven track record of results that makes the work done. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in various sectors of the IT industry from support to managing complete ERP deployment projects. Professionally, I am goal driven, like to work off my own initiative, and am always up for a new challenge to keep me busy and learning.
In my freetime I love to be outdoors enjoying the nature, ride bikes, freedive or do yoga.
- Born in Czechoslovakia
- Fluent in English
- Masters Degree in Applied Informatics and Economics
- Reliable, self-motivated, independent IT professional
- Over 6+ years as System Administrator
- Over 4+ years as Atlassian administrator/architect
- Creative and Innovative problem solver
- Takes responsibility seriously
- Works best given freedom and flexibility
- Optimistic, enthusiastic and articulate
- Can work alone with minimal supervision
- Willing and effective team player
- FMTB rider, freediver, diver, yogi, fitness enthusiast

What I do

Yeah, if you could fill out a JIRA ticket. That would be great.

Anonymous admin
I have experienced both contractor and emploeyee role for a number of multi-national companies. Supporting over 5000+ users on various platforms.

In 2015, I have been headhunted by Betsson group and given the opportunity to maintain all of their atlassian tools for two thousand users across the globe. Having no dedicated team to back me up, this was one of the biggest challenges, but as well biggest opportunities to grow. I have done multiple cross OS and Database migrations, upgraded atlassian installations, introduced proper backup policies, wrote documentation, properly integrated servicedesk feature to the infrastructure, introduced and integrated hipchat, provided trainings for managers and end users, troubleshoot performance related issues on Apache/Tomcat/PostgreSQL/MSSQL/Linux/Win, worked on defining policies and provided my recommendations for overall improvements. Not to mention that I was providing support to all end users with standard tasks (modifying projects, Setting up custom workflows, cross-application integrations)
- Certified Atlassian Jira Administrator
- Certified Atlassian Confluence Administrator ACP-200
- Supporting 5000+ users across globe
- Application migrations
- Application upgrades
- LDAP configurations
- Trainings and presentations
- Plan, architect, design and constantly improve Atlassian environment
- Troubleshooting
- Backups and recovery procedures
- Provide recommendations for procedural improvements
- History of various deployments (Jira, confluence, bitbucket, hipchat, bamboo)
- Cross-apllication Integrations
- Atlassian tools administration (Jira, Confluence, Crucible, Stash, Fisheye, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Artifactory)

Life is too short to remove USB safely.

I remember my basic school when instead of lectures my teachers were sending me to fix computers for them. Computers have always fascinated me ever since, building my own setups, swapping parts and coding websites was my childhood. This has not changed till present moment, the only thing that is different is that I setup servers or ERP systems and my customers are big multinational companies.

Recent projects: Testrail server deployment and integration, Pgpool database clustering, Hipchat deployment, Aha Tools implementation, HP gen.9 servers implementation and migrating to them with Betssongroup atlassian portfolio
- Linux / Windows Administration
- VMware Tools
- PostgreSQL, MySQL
- Project Management
- SSL, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, JVM troubleshooting
- IT Support
- MySQL Database

I'll fix it in photoshop

Unknown photgrapher
My first camera borrowed from dad it was Praktica VLC 2, expensive piece of kit back then and dad let me play with it when i was just about seven years. I still hide pictures I took, cause they remind me way I saw the world back then.
Where ever I go I take my camera with me now, see pics in the blog section.

Clients: Redbull.pl, Velo magazine, Dirtbiker magazine, SunsetTrail Band
- Sports photographer
- Weddings
- Events
- Concerts
- People

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.

Ronnie Lott
I do events! Concerts and parties, you name it. Speaking a freestyle motocross event in front of two thousand people and the same in English for freestyle MTB competitions.
Ten years of Hcore contest in my hometown behind me - competition, attractions, concerts.. and I love doing it.
See the contest video in references.

Clients: Playground festival (LV), FMX Hluk, Hcore Contest, Ostravský Chachar
- Organizer
- Promoter
- Speaker

If you work without Love, you work as a slave. When you work with love, you work like an emperor. Your work is your joy.

I have dedicated part of my life, to make my childhood dream real - create my own bikepark and inspire others to do sport that I love.
Ten years ago all of skateparks around my hometown were closed, leaving us only option to train traveling two hours with train. . Therefore, we started a sports club with local sports association and started negotiating with the local authority about a place and the rest is history. Today hcore3.com Bikepark serves broad public
- Founder of Hcore3.com bikepark Zubří
- Multiple sports grand team leader
- 'Europe rides together' - Team Czech Leader

Why Choose Me?

I am Creative

I am Punctual

I deliver

What people say?

Tomas is my inspiration, thank you for beeing awesome!

Radu Dragota, Data Warehouse Development Manager at Betsson Group

What people say?

Tomas is like an unusual combination of surfer attitude and great reliability. He is well organised and always adds great value to the atmosphere in the team. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Tomasz Lewandowski, DevOps / Atlassian Engineer.

What people say?

Tom always finds time to help out, is super good at what he does and delivers with precision - exactly whats needed in a supportive position!

Victor Rosberg, Stockholm, Sverige - ‎Operational Intelligence Manager - ‎Betsson Group

What people say?

I know Tomas since University studies in Ostrava. I had a chance to work with him on many projects related to various fields of expertise. He is creative, friendly, open mind person, always thinking possitive and great teamplayer. Moreover he is great problem solver. I hope I will have chance to work with him again.

Anton Abík, Network Architect Tieto

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